"Bravery. Compassion. Love." He whispered the words to her, his voice low. He wanted to believe more than anything that Christa could find those virtues, find them and let them become more powerful than the darker corners of her soul.

And even if she wouldn’t believe, he had to.

He tightened his hold on her; I’m not letting you go, he thought. Even if you’re destined for Hell, I’m coming with you.


"It won’t change overnight, Christa, but it will. It will. We can start by getting out of here - someone will find us if we don’t move soon…”

     It took Christa many more moments of silence for her to force herself to look up at Angel. Every expression that he could possibly have had had already crossed her mind, but how soft it had become still surprised her. 

    “We can start by getting out of here.”


"Angel, there’s still evidence around here. I’m used to a cleanup, if you couldn’t tell this was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision. It was rushed, my fingerprints are everywhere. Besides, I have to get back to Jim or else- well, you know."

Her eyes shut and she hung her head for a moment,”This isnt going to change Angel. Not in a night, not in a week. I cant with Jim and the web and everything going on.”